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The creation of unique events that are coordinated, planned and executed with meticulous attention to their every detail, gives us the power to be sure that nothing will be left to chance. We incorporate your individual style, taste and vision to life, either it is a birthday part, a product launch, a theme wedding or an event for your company. Billionaire Club Mykonos will handle you the world in a platter.

Our company will ensure that you will get the perfect blend of creativity and organization providing a unique experience for you and your guests.

We are also able to assist you with customs and immigration, that includes transit Visas, passport stamps, cash declarations. Furthermore, we can handle logistic issues, technical and recruitment assistance, like berth booking, any kind of special event or even last minute crew changes. In addition in order to ensure everyone’s well being we offer onboard COVID-19 testing and professional deep cleaning services, by certified companies, plus protective gear for your crew. 

Best Life Experiences

We guarantee that you’ll be fully stocked on food of your choice, drinks that meet your needs and other essentials. Our company will cater for every guest individually using the highest of quality products, but also keeping your budget balanced. No matter if it is food, flowers, wine, spirits, deck supplies, or toiletries, we have an exclusive network of suppliers always willing to work with us to any kind of tight deadline.

Billionaire Club Mykonos can provide everything you’ll need to have a magnificent holiday, from table bookings at the most hyped restaurants, to going the extra mile to meet any kind of special request. We will organize a memorable experience for your trip. We can arrange personal tours to all cultural highlights, with our experienced tour guides. If you feel like making a grand entrance at elite events like the Monaco Grand Prix, or Cannes Film Festival, our selection of lavish yachts is the perfect choice.

Exclusive Services – Billionaire Club

Our experienced hospitality department will make sure that everything will be executed in perfection to the last detail, to achieve the impossible for our customers needs. From last minute surprises, to helicopters onboard, or even your favorite chefs flown in to cater just for you and your guests. There is no request that is too much of a challenge for our amazing team. Chartering a yacht is an escape on your own terms. We offer you a tailored experience of onboard life designed to meet your own exact needs. Explore new destinations and rediscover your favorite ones from a brand new perspective. Our yachts are designed to be your personal floating villa, or even hotel on water, offering the highest levels of services globally. As soon as you step onboard  you receive personalized service and every minute of your charter experience is tailored to your unique taste  and personal preferences, from food and drinks to your own water toys. Our crew of professionals will be by your side 24 hours a day.

Concierge Services – Billionaires

By chartering a yacht you can discover the world and its beauties in a matter of days. From Mykonos to the French Riviera parties, to the adventures of the French Polynesia, no matter where it is in the world one of our yachts will take you there! While onboard a yacht everything is possible and there is no limit. Enjoy playtime, have fun, live an adventure or even learn new skills on the yacht water toys, with our well trained instructors there for you at any time. Race your jet ski’s, fly on a Jet-Lev, learn kitesurfing, or even explore the world under water with onboard diving gear.

Mega Yachts

Our mega yachts offer vast outdoor areas in perfect harmony with the outstanding natural surroundings of the Mediterranean sunlight and nature embellishing the majestic Cycladic scenery, creating an atmosphere ideal for tranquility, relaxation and wellness. Our wellbeing experience will guarantee that you will have the ultimate relaxation in a super yacht spa, with a full crew of beauty and massage therapists standing by to offer their magical services on your request.

A yacht charter is ideal for a celebration of any kind, or any special event that you would like to host.  Apart from the unforgettable experience you will also have a completely private event away from anyone you don’t want to share it with, privacy is of essence to us and we make sure to provide it to our customers.

Premium Services

  • Beauty Services
  • Mental Clarity – Meditation
  • Mental Awareness – Meditation The ultimate relax experience
  • Healing

We are here to offer you the most mesmerizing experiences that life has to offer.

Billionaire Club Mykonos 

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Founded in 2019 in Mykonos, Billionaire Club Mykonos provides high quality Luxury services through our process of tailor made luxury experiences.