Are you looking for the best clubs in Spain? Now that the covid crisis is over and we’re getting back to old life, that’s the perfect moment to party like never before! And why not start with Spain? It’s a nice country with a lot to discover: a pleasant continental climate, a rich gastronomy, a welcoming population, unmissable events and an awesome nightlife.

Here are the 5 best hot clubs in the Iberian Peninsula. Start planning your next vacation, because at the end of this article you will have only one idea in your mind: travel (and party, of course).

Sutton Barcelona

Barcelona is full of clubs where you can have a great night out. You can access them easily and sometimes for free thanks to a guestlist system. The city has two main areas (the Olympic Port and the Zona Alta) where you can find a large number of bars and nightclubs of all possible styles. One of the best discotheques in Barcelona is the Sutton Club Barcelona, a very chic and select club where you have to come well dressed to enter: dress and heels for the ladies and shirt and elegant shoes for the gentlemen. If you get past the doorman, you can access the two rooms of the club: a large one where you can dance to the latest hits of the year, and a smaller one focused on reggaeton music. And for celebrity fans, you will also be able to see one or two Barça players!

Kapital Madrid

If you live in Madrid or are visiting the city, you know that it is impossible to get bored: there are plenty of bars and clubs of all kinds. Here you can go to some of the best clubs in the country, all with an impeccable reputation.

The best discotheque in Madrid is undoubtedly the Kapital discotheque, which you have to visit at least once in your life, because it is a club with 7 floors! No, it’s not a joke, each floor has its own style of music: reggaeton, techno, EDM, rock…. There is even a floor where you can do karaoke, on the top floor is the terrace where you can get some fresh air and eat some snacks if you get hungry during the night.

Pacha Ibiza

When you think of Ibiza, you immediately think of the word “party”. The parties here start early in the afternoon and last until the end of the morning (or even until noon). You can find there the best clubs in the world, which have swimming pools, VIP table areas and the best DJs of the moment. And one of the most famous clubs in Ibiza is the legendary Pacha Ibiza, one of the best clubs on the island to party all night long. Here come to play every night of the summer the best DJs in the world: David Guetta, Don Diablo, Martin Solveig, Luciano in the most amazing clubs in Spain…. It has capacity for 3,000 people and has 5 rooms with different styles: disco, hip-hop, deep house, rock and R&B. The entrance to the club is relatively expensive, ranging from 30 to 75 euros, depending on the day or the guest artist.

Nikki Beach

Marbella is the “bling bling” city of Spain, which can be described in three words: luxury, glamor and celebrity. All the stars of the show business world, and even the international ones, have a second home here and come on vacation every summer. The parties here start at dusk and end at dawn.

And if you are a fan of pool parties, you probably already know this legendary beach club, Nikki Beach. Located on one of Marbella’s most beautiful beaches, just a ten-minute drive east of the city center, Nikki Beach is universally regarded as one of the best places to party. Here you will find a restaurant that combines the best international cuisine with the typical flavors of Malaga and the Mediterranean, as well as offering a range of refreshing cocktails, especially in the summer months. Relax by the pool in one of their VIP beds. Open from late April through September, this club is known for its themed nights and spectacular views of the Mediterranean.

Umbracle/Mya Valencia

Valencia is a city inhabited by many students. And when they say students, they say party at the trendy clubs in Spain…

The Umbracle is the most beautiful open-air nightclub in the city, and is located in the heart of the City of Arts and Sciences. Get there early, as it fills up quickly. Don’t hesitate to dress nicely to secure your entrance. The place is decorated with graffiti and multicolored neon lights, which give it an elegant and modern touch. In a very festive and international atmosphere, you will enjoy a huge chill out area under palm trees and beautiful illuminated gardens. And the good surprise is that there is a second disco on the lower floor, the disco Mya Valencia, where you can dance to electronic music. 

So have fun in the best clubs in Spain!