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You are visiting a greek island with a private driver. What experience is better than enjoying the view of the Greek sea in a yacht? Rent yacht Mykonos to enjoy your holidays!

To begin with, we can provide a variety of luxurious yachts and a big collection of jewellery. Of course, it’s up to you whether it will be a long yacht for big groups or a small yacht for you and some friends.

Also, there is no need to mention that we can provide experienced captains who will sail with you and undertake to get you to the most wonderful places around Mykonos. Additionally, we can provide experienced crew and private transfer to make sure you will be served with whatever you need during your trip, so you can enjoy every second of it.

So it is your chance to rent yacht Mykonos!

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The outstanding experience

Secondly, we can give you advice on what you should do on board and which places you should visit to make this experience even more unforgettable.


Take a moment and imagine what would feel like being on board at the deep blue  Aegean sea.

The sun, in combination with the cool waters of the sea underneath, would shape the perfect environment.

Besides, the view from such point is outstanding by its own. Do not miss the opportunity to visit and sightseeing all nearby islands which is as beautiful as Mykonos.

Parties on board – DJ Private Party

On the other hand, if you wish for something more wild, we can help you organise the perfect VIP Yacht party and have a great time with your friends.

In addition, you can hire from us an experienced DJ who will drive the rhythm of your party. For sure, this will be the most luxurious way to make your own party.


Whether it will be for your birthday or just for fun, one thing is sure. You will have the greatest VIP moment of your life.


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