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VIP Transfer Mykonos Services – Private Driver

Experienced Drivers

Are you looking for VIP Transfer  Mykonos?

Great! We provide many solutions for you. To begin with, we have many expert drivers. They are qualified , not only with confidentiality, but with professionalism. Besides, here in Mykonos Services, we are very careful when it comes to our staff and partners.

mercedes van - transfer in mykonos

Mercedes Vans

Let us guide you to Mykonos paths, with safety discretion and luxury.

mykonos fleet

  • Mercedes Sprinter Van
  • Range Rover
  • JEEP
  • Mercedes Vito Van
  • BMW X1
  • BMW X6
  • BMW X5
  • Hummer
  • Porsche Cayenne
  • Escalade
  • Mercedes GLA 180
  • Bentley
  • Lamborghini
  • And more…


Escalade Mykonos - car rentals

Escalade Mykonos – car rentals

Contact us to book your transfer, 24/7

Indulge yourself with our luxury fleet of cars, and let our professional team of drivers make your strolls in the island as cozy & smooth, as you have dreamed of!

Our fleet has high end choices of cars, that you can make your selection of, and our first priority is to make your transfer as safe & pleasant as possible.

Our expert driver’s team focuses on your safety, comfort and of course your finesse.

Every single member of our team is highly experienced working with vips.

You deserve the luxury not only in your stay, but in your transport too!




Additionally, our drivers, transfer every summer dozens of very important persons. They know how to drive with prestige and most importantly safety. After all, you can trust our experienced drivers in every route you might do in our island.

Luxurious Cars – Limo

Secondly, we have a great variety of luxurious cars. As we all know, visiting Mykonos means that you want to spend some quality holidays. You certainly deserve some very luxurious cars go places. VIP Transfer Services by Mykonos Services provide some well known, high class cars by great car manufacturers. Such cars are for example, G350 by Mercedes Benz or Porsche Cayenne.

Of course, we pay attention to which car models we use to drive our customers in Mykonos VIP Transfer Services. It is undoubtedly a part of your image and outfit. So, a very important person deserves a luxurious, expensive car to go around in our Island. 

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Vans for VIP – Safety and Healthy

mykonos services - private driver - mykonos transfer services - vanOn the other hand, we provide luxurious vans for groups of very important persons. Many customers have booked a VIP van from our agency in the past. For sure, it was an unforgettable experience for them. They found out that it doesn’t have to be a low height super car to to transfer them with comfort and luxury. Something else, we must tell you that after any use, special stuff makes a disinfection in the van of Mykonos services, so stay safe with us!


Don’t loose time, if you are a big group of people, book a van from us. Besides, as a VIP Transfer Service, we know what customers like you need and deserve. Last but not least, you can book a VIP Transfer whenever you want, before or even during your trip. Don’t loose time, contact us and tell us what you need.

Exclusive VIP Transfer Services

Moreover, we provide Exclusive VIP Transfer Services.

So, if you need a luxurious car with a driver exclusively, you are in the right place. We can provide all of the above services as an exclusive solution. Especially, you can book the above luxurious cars, Porsche Cayenne and Mercedes G350, and have them available 24/7.

That way, you have an exclusive, experienced driver all day, just for you and your company. Most importantly, your car and driver will wait for you out wherever you go. By that way, you will not loose any time waiting for your transfer to arrive.

We suggest you not to loose time. Book an Exclusive VIP Transfer, a Range Rover or a Hummer or a Wrangler or a private jet, now as many of our luxurious car have low availability.

hummer h3 - mykonos servicesEnjoy Mykonos transportation, while you are in this beautiful island!








Go to a VIP party or a wedding, with our private driver or our bodyguards!

You will be very happy in the luxury bars of Santanna.

Security Chauffeur Services – Bodyguard Driver

In addition, Santanna has a VIP pool and a beautiful beach!

We can book everything for you  and help you with exclusive mykonos services, as Poolside or beachside or alongside one of our DJs, boutiques, cabanas, helipad!

Order now a helicopter  or a private charter for your transfer.

You can also benefit from our partnership with Jewels online company and order your custom made jewelry .

A VIP suite is available for you, so you can enjoy the VIP experience !

If you are in Athens, we suggest Greece Athens tours.

Contact us now to do so!

Other Executive Services 


  • Helicopter Tour
  • Private Charter
  • Private Flights – Private Jets
  • Private Driver
  • Special Event Planning
  • Rent Luxury Car (Ferrari, Lambo, Bentley)

mykonos helicopter - helicopter tour trip in mykonos

Helicopters - Private Jets

Let us know:

  • How many persons?
  • Baggage?
  • From where to where?
  • When?
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