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Are you looking for a way to make your trip to Mykonos an unforgettable experience and Mykonos services?

Choose Concierge Mykonos!

You just found the best Mykonos services for your holidays!

Well, you are at the right place! You are planning to visit our beautiful island. Here you can find a great variety of services that can make your stay in Mykonos a life-changing experience. As any of our customers can say, our team is highly professional and knowledgeable in serving VIP customers.

Many Arab clients trust our top Mykonos services! They rent luxury villas and organise vip private parties! We can provide personal chef for your villa as long as you enjoy your yoga session!



24/7 Private Services in Mykonos – Exclusive Premium Members

We can get you any VIP service whenever you need it. By being experienced in that sector we can understand every customer need and be able to fulfill those needs in the way you deserve.



You deserve the best Mykonos services (Concierge Mykonos)!

We are providing VIP services many years and during this time we can count hundreds of satisfied customers. In other words, every man or woman who reached us to enjoy our Mykonos services can tell a different story of how they managed to spend days in our island relaxing, enjoying and seeing places professionally.


Concierge Mykonos – Club for Millionaires

Do not wait a minute, call us now and we will provide you with answers and plan everything.

Imagine that we can provide a Life Coach NLP! George helps people overcome subconscious sabotaging and limiting beliefs through NLP!

Get an offer for VIP transfers, Villas, Bodyguards and other concierge services in Mykonos. Do not let your holidays unorganised in the services sector, you do not have to to it yourself, just let us do our magic to fulfil every desire of yours.

Enjoy vip bodyguards Mykonos, private yoga lessons, transfer Mykonos and rent a villa or a yacht!

If you want to sell your villa or create the house of your dreams, give us a call!

Move Fast and Safe!

Make your world better!

We provide jewellery Mykonos, real estate Mykonos, dj wedding! Call us 24/7 availability!

Take a look at what they said
Really awesome, made me feel queen👸
Catherine, Paris
These guys are awesome. I don't know how they managed to know what I want when I want it... Always trust their suggestions, they know..
Rashid, Dubai
I had a great time in Mykonos! Thank you for providing me a great way to go places as well as keeping me and my friends safe with your experienced bodyguards
Amanda, USA

Vip Transfer Services Mykonos – Concierge Mykonos

You deserve to keep your privacy as you go places in our island. Moreover, you need to enjoy the rides using our VIP Transfer Mykonos Services. Get yourself a limousine, a luxurious car with a private driver who can drive you from one edge of Mykonos to another.

Move Fast and Safe 24/7

Our experienced drivers know the island like the back of their hand. They can make suggestions or just let you decide where you want to go and be there in minutes. Just know, you need professional VIP transfer service for your transportation in Mykonos and we are the number one in the island.

Mykonos VIP Transfer
Luxurious Villas for VIP in Mykonos

Villas in Mykonos

Whether you want to plan your days in Mykonos or you just want to try another place to stay while being there, we can find you the most luxurious villas in the island. You want to relax by the pool? Maybe enjoy the astonishing view that many villas have?

Whatever you are seeking in a VIP Villa, we have the appropriate place to provide you. Do not bother, just ask for it and let us suggest multiple villas Mykonos (Mykonos Concierge)! Rent a Villa in every edge of the island with the most luxurious lifestyle in Europe.

Of course, we can suggest you the best hostess and show girls or strippers for your party!

VIP Bodyguards Mykonos!

You can feel safe during your trip in Mykonos by hiring a professional bodyguard to keep an eye on you without you even notice it. We can provide you with a great solution in security with our top VIP Bodyguards Mykonos! Get top level, personal security with our team of well trained bodyguards. Trust top Mykonos services bodyguards!

VIP Bodyguards in Mykonos
VIP Bachelor party Mykonos

VIP Bachelor Party Mykonos – Show Girls

Getting married? Great! Of course, before every marriage, there is always an unforgettable party. Mykonos is well known for amusement. We can take over a bachelor party that will stay in your mind forever.

Let our experience to organize everything so you can just have fun with the people you care most. Make the Mykonos bachelor party of your dreams!

Enjoy super companions, show girls, strippers, dancers and a pool party (swimwear, bikini etc)!

You can have the most specialised team to organise your bachelor party in our island, and that is of course us!

Enjoy a real vip mykonos party with champagnes, show girls, djs etc!

Rent a Yacht in Mykonos – Yacht Party!

Capture the opportunity to enjoy our yachts. An experienced driver will take you to open waters to watch Mykonos or go to other islands nearby. Enjoy the luxurious cabins or have a sunbath at the top level of our yachts. Do not lose the opportunity to explore the waters of Greece and grab some memories while you are on our VIP Yachts near Mykonos.

We provide yacht Mykonos services!

Luxurious Yachts Mykonos
VIP Parties Mykonos

VIP Parties – Bachelor Party Mykonos

You are in Mykonos. Do not leave this island without attending a party. Mykonos is well known for the variety of the parties being organised every day on the island. With us you have the opportunity to join the most luxurious and VIP parties nearby. Make tonight the bachelor party of your life in Mykonos!

Mykonos Services Party

Book dancers and show girls in Mykonos, make your dreams come true!


Guarantee – Private Services

We are famous about our Mykonos services, enjoy your summer, call our calling center, 24/7!

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