Bodyguards Mykonos

Bodyguards Mykonos – VIP Bodyguards in our island

Experienced Mykonos bodyguards

Mykonos is a very beautiful island with a big collection of luxurious villas.

Have you ever try to enjoy en experience, but keep thinking about something so you cannot fully enjoy? That is right, this is an awful feeling. Here it comes the VIP Bodyguard Service by Mykonos Concierge Services.

To begin with, Mykonos is a luxurious island, with many VIP persons visiting it every year.

Some people try to take advantage of it, so they use criminality for their profit.

You, for sure, don’t want to destroy your vacations by becoming a victim of such persons. So, we provide experienced and well trained bodyguards to protect you. First, you can choose wether they protect you full time or only during your walks in the island.

Protective while helpful – Real Guards

Of course, they are trained to face any unexpected event during your stay. VIP Bodyguards Mykonos  are coping with such events very often, so they know exactly what to do in every situation.

Above all, they take care of your security, and they will do anything to achieve this challenge.


Additionally, they might help you do things around Mykonos.

For example, imagine getting out for shopping and while our VIP Mykonos Bodyguards keep an eye on you and your security, they help you to carry your purchases.

You can go to a vip party and a guard will be very close to protect you!

Distinctiveness and Confidentiality

In addition to that, they will always be very distinctive while they protect you and your friends.

Certainly, you will barely notice them around during your stay and during moving around in our luxurious island.

With a bodyguard, you will feel safe!!

Emphasising the confidentiality, they will never share a secret of yours. They are here to do their job so you can have fun and whatever you want easier and more securely.

Besides, it is well known that our past customers had a great experience using our VIP Bodyguard Service.

We have successfully protected, well known actors, singers, princes and many very rich people that a lot of criminals would like to harm.

Trust us and contact us to learn more about our Bodyguard Service or our transfer and excellent jewellery,

in cooperation with kosmima online.

If you will need a personal trainer or a private jet or concierge, you can give us a call to arrange a meeting!

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