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Book Private Chefs in Mykonos and surprise  your partner with a tailor made romantic dinner. Would you like to try something different with your friends for dinner? Is there a special occasion you would like to celebrate with the whole family without anyone cooking? 

Mykonos Private Chefs can transform your private villa into one of the best restaurants in town. There is only one difference: The entire experience is tailor made, designed around you and your guests. 

For some time now, hiring a Private Chef has been popular, among many of the wealthy, VIPs and celebrities and now you can treat yourself and your guests like celebrities too. The Private Chef service in Mykonos is giving you the opportunity to live a mythical experience at the convenience and privacy of your villa.

We will help you with everything from dinner by the pool to a BBQ night or cooking activity with your children at your Private Villa, Luxury Villa or Yacht! Our private chefs will provide the best ingredients, preparation, menu advice, and presentation for every event in your amazing villa, or yacht  in Mykonos.

Thus, nothing compares to the ability to personalize every detail of your menu with your Private Chef Mykonos.

Private Chef services

Based on your needs, you can choose from a wide selection of chef services, including breakfasts, yacht catering, brunches, lunches, dinners, customized menus, and private party catering services.


Enjoying a delicious breakfast with family or friends is the perfect way to start the day. We understand that breakfast is the first and most important meal in your day, so we are ready to serve you like royalty. 

You can choose from a vast variety of fresh juices, detox beverages, organic eggs cooked according to your preference, and the finest coffee. Furthermore, you won’t even have to cook, serve, and clean anymore. You can enjoy local cheeses and fruits, energy-boosting breakfast snacks, and healthy traditional dishes.


It is always possible to enjoy a delicious brunch if you choose not to have breakfast. While admiring the breathtaking view from your villa, we will spoil you with a wide range of colorful salads, sumptuous egg snacks, and bubbly cocktails. In our opinion, gathering together over a meal is a beautiful opportunity to discover new flavors, discover new cultures, and share beautiful moments with your loved ones.


Come experience a little homemade luxury with us if you crave the ultimate lunch experience. I like it best when you can choose from a wide selection of salads, elegant appetizers, and delicious traditional foods, or even a gourmet fine dining lunch. Additionally, we will provide you with an authentic dining experience, so you can carefreely enjoy your day at your luxurious villa, and let us cater to your palate.


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Our sumptuous dinners are tailor-made to meet your needs. There’s nothing we like more than tempting you with delicious barbecues and authentic and traditional options that fit seamlessly with your lifestyle. It’s hard to imagine a dinner that wouldn’t include vibrant and colorful salads, healthy mezzes, tasty appetizers, Mediterranean and Modern Greek main courses, premium wines, and sweet desserts, whether a family-style gathering or a barbecue buffet. Furthermore, there are unlimited options of different cuisines for you to choose from:

  • Greek ( fine dining , casual dining, traditional,  fusion )
  • Italian fine dining , casual dining, traditional,  fusion )
  • Creole casual , creole fine dining
  • Jamaican casual and fine dining
  • BBQ, casual , fine dining,  big roast,  
  • Japanese casual , traditional,  fine dining
  • Sushi , new age japan
  • Raw based fine dining , casual dining
  • Vegan or vegetarian casual or fine dining
  • International fusion fine dinning or casual dining
  • Local ingredients cuisine,  fine or casual
  • Seafood based cuisine,  fine or casual
  • Peruvian cuisine, fine or casual dining
  • Latin American casual or fine dining
  • Dessert only cuisine 

You just need to choose which is your favorite and we will handle all the rest.

Yacht Catering – Private Chefs Mykonos

How can you experience our live cooking services in a more luxurious style than aboard a yacht sailing in the middle of the Aegean Sea? When dining aboard a luxury yacht charter, our guests enjoy various options. It would be difficult to find such a wide range of choices even at some restaurants ashore.

Our chefs will prepare your desirable menu to the highest standards. We have an excellent team of executive Mykonos chefs, all highly-trained professionals, with rich experience from high-end restaurants and the proper manners to make this a memorable culinary journey.

Enjoy this fantastic opportunity with a highly skilled Chef who can meet all your gastronomic desires. 

Personalized Menus

The discerning clients of Lifestyle Cooking can expect impeccable service and a variety of choices. Our commitment to excellence also manifests itself in the possibility of having your chef create dishes according to your preferences and dietary requirements. 

We will sit down and discuss your unique requirements with you, understand them, and then recommend recipes or guide you through the process of creating your very own masterpiece. We ensure that every guest receives a unique experience by adjusting the seasonings and suggesting menu and beverage options based on their individual preferences.

BBQ Parties

When you trust the right people with your summer BBQ party, you will never experience any stress. Whether you’re planning a big party or an intimate gathering for a few guests in your private villa, our summer BBQs will leave your guests with warm memories and a flavor palate that’s ready to explode.

Our private chefs will ensure that all aspects of your BBQ party are explicitly tailored to fit your needs, from food to equipment to service. Our long-standing, recognized hospitality background lends the most credence to our ability and commitment to providing every guest with the most comprehensive private chef experience.

Cooking Lessons

You can hire a professional chef for hands-on training to create the perfect meal using all of the exquisite local products while staying in a Mykonos villa. Whether you’re looking for seafood or vegan recipes, your concierge can recommend the perfect chef to match your palate and the type of cuisine.

Your Mykonos cooking lesson doesn’t require you to be an expert chef or passionate cook to gain valuable knowledge or enjoyment. The only thing you need to do is follow the instructions of your culinary expert, enjoy learning about different food cultures, and soon discover you have gained an experience similar to that of a culinary school graduate within a couple of hours.

Final Thought 

In conclusion, with Private Chefs Mykonos, you get to create a dining experience that is unique to you. Each of our chefs has been trained in a prestigious culinary school and has a decade of experience in the industry. Because of this, the menu is based entirely on your preferences. Each chef will be able to provide you with a detailed profile to make sure everything is to your taste. 

Do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to guide you through every step of the way, so you can enjoy your experience to the maximum. Mykonos executive services and VIP Mykonos party are just one call away.

Feast like a king!

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